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Research Areas

The bullets below will link to the website of the research group responsible for that research area, or it will link to a page with a description of the research area and additional links to the research faculty involved:

Research Projects

  1. Rotorcraft Damage Tolerance Risk Assessment and Management
  2. Advanced Modeling Capabilities for Railroad Wheel Failure Analysis
  3. Long-Term Bridge Performance Assessment and Management
  4. Risk Assessment of Moisture Sensitivity for Asphalt Mixtures
  5. Reliability and Optimization of Automotive Systems
  6. Health Monitoring System for Hot Aerospace Components
  7. Fluid Structure Impact Risk Assessment
  8. Reliability Analysis of Railroad Wheels

  9. Structural Integrity Risk Evaluation under Environmental Damage
  10. Department of Energy (DOE) Buried Waste Risks
  11. Reliability Assessment of Uranium Mill Tailings Storage Sites
  12. Toward Improving Models for Mine-waste Risk Assessment
  13. Yucca Mountain: Preclosure Programmatic Risk
  14. Security and Reliability of Water Distribution Systems

  15. Emergency Response Reliability in Mass Casualty Events
  16. Inclusion of Fatigue Effects in Human Reliability Analysis
  17. Facility Protection Optimization Under Uncertainty
  18. Computational Methods for System of Systems Engineering
  19. Human and System Factors Assessment of Emergency Departments
  20. Integration of Transportation and Emergency Services
  21. Optimization under uncertainty for Family of System and System of Systems
  22. Designining Flexible Engineering Systems Utilizing Embedded Real Options
  23. Policy Analysis and Design Under Uncertainty for Systems-of-Systems
  24. Policy Design in Network Systems

  25. Model Verification and Validation under Uncertainty
  26. Probabilistic Design of Multidisciplinary Systems
  27. Model Validation and Design under Uncertainty
  28. Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Complex Nonlinear Systems

  29. Integrated System and Subsystems Modeling for Air Vehicle Health and Capability Assessment
  30. Systems Health Monitoring with Imperfectly Sensed Data
  31. Radiation Reliability of Alternative Dielectric Materials
  32. The Effects of Aging on MOS Irradiation and Annealing Response
  33. Facility Protection Optimization Under Uncertainty

  34. Model-Based System Prognosis and Decision-Making Under Heterogeneous Information
  35. Damage Characterization in Composite Structures by Multi-axial Bragg Gratings using Lamb Waves
  36. Uncertainty Quantification in Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis
  37. Dynamic Systems Reliability Analysis
  38. Approximate Stochastic Optimization Techniques for System of Systems
  39. Decision-Making using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Data Structures: Warranty Analysis, Supply Chain Logistics, Call Center Operations, and Sales Forecasting
  40. Cyber Physical Systems Solutions to Overcoming Vehicular Traffic Congestion
  41. Probabilistic Methods for Reliable Pavement Design
  42. Uncertainty Assessment and Management in Inverse Problems
  43. Uncertainty Quantification in Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics Problems