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Current Students

Name   Program    
Chen, Qianrun   Master    
Du, Jingwen   Master    
Du, Dongjin   Ph.D.    
Guo, Yulin   Ph.D.    
Lee, Nathan   Master    
Miele, Sarah   Ph.D.    
Nikabou, Gbandi   Ph.D.    
Sisson, William   Ph.D.    
Stover, Oliver   Ph.D.    
White, Andrew   Ph.D.    
Zhang, Yadong   Ph.D.    

Recently Graduated Students

Berkcan Kapusuzoglu, Ph.D. graduated in April 2022

Machine Learning, Modeling and Simulation Engineer at InspiRD


Eric VanDerHorn, Ph.D. graduated in July 2022

Manager, Product Development at American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)


Yingxiao Kong, Ph.D. graduated in August 2022

Data Scientist at Asurion

Past Students

Name   Program   Graduated    
Ao, Dan      M.Eng      May 2017    
Bao, Yanqing   Ph.D.   March 2020    
Baranowski, T.   Ph.D   May 2007    
Barnett, D.   M.Eng   December 2021    
Bartram, Gregory   Ph.D.   June 2013    
Kapusuzoglu, Berkcan   Ph.D.   April 2022    
Bichon, B.   Ph.D.   May 2009    
Brown, Kevin   Ph.D.   May 2008    
Cai, Guowei   Ph.D.   September 2017    
Chen, D.   Ph.D.   May 2006    
Chen, X.   M.S.   August 2009    
Copeland, A.   Ph.D.   August 2007    
DeCarlo, Erin   Ph.D.   July 2017    
Felix, J.   Ph.D.   December 2003    
Griffith, C.   Ph.D.   May 2013    
Guratzsch, R.   Ph.D.   May 2007    
Hallbert, B.   Ph.D.   August 2010    
Hester, P.   Ph.D.   August 2007    
Jenkins, Lindsay   Ph.D.   November 2014    
Kapusuzoğlu, Berkcan   Ph.D.   March     
Kong, Yingxiao   Ph.D.   July 2022    
Knight, M.   Ph.D.   May 2007    
Lehner, S.   Ph.D.   August 2007    
Levin, S.   Ph.D.   May 2008    
Li, Chenzhao   Ph.D.   August 2016    
Li, W.   M.S.   December 2006    
Liang, B.   M.S.   August 2010    
Liang, Chen   Ph.D.   August 2015    
Ling, Y.   Ph.D.   August 2013    
Liu, L.   Ph.D.   May 2008    
Liu, Y.   Ph.D.   May 2006    
McDonald, M.   Ph.D.   May 2008    
McFarland, J.   Ph.D.   May 2008    
McInvale, H.   Ph.D.   July 2009    
McLemore, K.   M.S.   May 2012    
Mitchell, B.   M.S.   May 2009    
Mitchell, K.   Ph.D.   July 2009    
Mullins, Josh   Ph.D.   August 2014    
Nannapaneni, Saideep   Ph.D.   August 2017    
Nakad, Ghina   Ph.D.   May 2019    
Nath, Paromita   Ph.D.   January 2020     
Neal, Kyle   Ph.D.   October 2021    
Noreiga, Q.   Ph.D.   July 2012    
O'Brien, E.   M.S.   May 2004    
Oruganti, Aparna   M.Eng.   May 2017    
Pierce, J.   Ph.D.   May 2010    
Poff, L.   M.S.   December 2011    
Rebba, R.   Ph.D.   December 2005    
Retherford, J.   Ph.D.   July 2012    
Rodgers, M.   M.S.   May 2006    
Sarkar, S.   Ph.D.   August 2010    
Sato, Matthew   B.E.   May 2021    
Shankar, S.   Ph.D.   January 2012    
Shantz, C.   Ph.D.   August 2010    
Shepherd, K.   Ph.D.   May 2005    
Smith, N.   Ph.D.   May 2007    
Sopory, A.   M.S.   December 2004    
Spradley, L.   Ph.D.   May 2008    
Stratman, B.   Ph.D.   August 2007    
Sura, V.   Ph.D.   December 2011    
Thomas, B.   M.S.   May 2005    
Turner, S.   M.S.   May 2006    
Urbina, A.   Ph.D.   July 2009    
VanDerHorn, Eric   Ph.D.   August 2022    
Wolfe, A.   M.S.   August 2012    
Zaman, K.   Ph.D.   July 2010    
Zhang, Xiaoge   Ph.D.   May 2019    
Zhong, Sanqiang   M.Eng.   May 2021    

Senior Researchers

Name       Duration        

Karve, Pranav

Research Assistance Professor


Pranav Karve

Nath, Paromita

Post Doc

Paromita Nath
Hu, Z.   2014-2016    
Nannapaneni, S.   2017    
Subramanian, A.   2017-2022    


Name   Type   Duration
Ai, Q.      Visiting Student      2013-2015
Deng, Y.   Visiting Professor   2011-2012
Meng, D.   Visiting Student   2013-2014
Su, X.   Visiting Student   2013-2014
Wei, D.   Visiting Professor   2014
Xu, P.   Visiting Student   2012-2013